R&D Strength


In 2002 established the Noise-reduction Technology Lab of Robot Research Bureau of Harbin Institute of Technology, which develops noise-reduction technology and products for China’s manned spacecraft.


In 2007 entered Shenzhen Institute of CASC and established Noise-reduction Technology Center.


In 2009 received the attention and support from Liu Yandong, the vice premier of State Council, and realized the productization of noise-reduction technology.


In 2010 was listed by Shenzhen City as technology research project of major industry.


In 2013 by the transition idea of “military product first, civilian product for development”, established Market Department of Noise-reduction Center, and started exploration to civilian market.


In 2014 the noise-reduction technological achievement was successfully checked and accepted by Shenzhen Science Technology Project Team and listed as the armament. Established Shenzhen Aerospace Golden Shine Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on solving and promoting noise-reduction technology solution.

Real strength of CASC, taking lead for 20 years in military field

Golden Shine, affiliated to the world-famous CASC Science and Technology Corporation 

is a R&D team taking academician Cai Hegao and Doctor Bao Qingshan as chief scientists.

 The company has mastered 3 core technologies and owned more than 30 independent 

intellectual property rights in the field of noise-reduction for over 10 years. It has been dedicating 

to serving for research, development and promotion active noise-reduction technology 

in aerospace engineering and national defense areas.  

Active noise-reduction technology and products of CASC Golden Shine have been widely applied 

in such military fields as armed force of air, sea and land and aerospace.

Active noise-reduction earmuff of Golden Shine specially used by Chinese navy and PLAN Liaoning

Provide active noise-reduction technology for Chinese astronauts 

Noise-reduction earplugs tailored for Chinese air force 

Active noise-reduction earmuff tailored for land force 

Air Command has purchased active noise-reduction earmuff of Golden Shine 

Academician Cai Hegao takes lead to make technology research in R&D Department

Granted patents

ZL 201520091155.0  ZL 201520094308.7  ZL 201520561364.7
ZL201530333829.9   ZL201530337665.7   ZL201530333752.5

The patent applications under examination
.201510067156.6  .201510068034.9  .201510455734.3
.201520679817.6  .201510557220.9  .201510511265.2

Supported by the key project fund of Shenzhen Municipal Government

Research and development of the intelligent noise-reduction pillow No. CXZZ20140522165527104

Research of the intelligent active noise-reduction chip and development of the series product No. ZD201006110048A

Golden Shine Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Three measures are always taken by noise-reduction, i.e. Noise-reduction at 

sound source area, during transmission, and at human ears, all of which are 

passive. But the basic principle of Active Noise Canceling technologyis 

confronting and eliminating the noise which is existing in an active way. 

The difference with traditional method is that A.N.C. technology can 

produce a similar but reversed sound wave by the noise canceling system 

to neutralize the noise, which can finally cancel the noise.


Active noise-reduction technology of Golden Shine which is originated 

from military noise-reduction technology owned by CASC is an upgrade 

of active noise-reduction technology, which possesses self-adaptive 

functions to adjust noise-reduction strength, enhancenoise-reduction 

effect and reduce ear pressure in accordance with different noise environment.

The Features of Aerospace Golden Shine Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Thorough elimination of noises
Active noise-reduction intelligent earphone of Golden Shine adopts “CASC I.A.N.C intelligent active noise-reduction technology” and “intelligent wide band active noise-reduction technology” with totally independent intellectual property rights, and has better solved such problems of ground noise, wind noise and howling problems of general active noise-reduction earphones. Noise-reduction band width of the earphone is up to 4,000Hz, which aims to create an auditory environment of “Protect ear health • Listen to real voices” by elimination of more noises and assurance of earphone sound quality.
More than active noise-reduction
By virtue of low price positioning with high cost performance, active noise-reduction earphone of Golden Shine has really realized popularization of active noise-reduction earphone; At the same time, in respect to sound quality design, the earphone has also represented more excellent tone performance comparing with similar products at same price or even higher price level; In the aspect of appearance, it has led the fashion trend of aerospace science&technology and music sound quality.
Ultra-low energy consumption
Battery life performance of active noise-reduction intelligent earphone of Golden Shine is astonishing. Under the circumstances of utilization of batteries with the same volume, battery life of intelligent earphone of Golden Shine is more than 10 times of other earphone of a kind. Ultra-long battery life may bring about better experience for users
Comfortable wearing
At present, obvious ear pressure has been existed in a lot of noise-reduction earphones on the market. By adoption of special algorithm, active noise-reduction intelligent earphone of Golden Shine has realized the purpose of elimination of ear pressure, therefore, users may SAY NO to ear pressure! Besides, in accordance with ergonomic design, proved by tests of wearing for tens of thousands of times, it ensures comfortable wearing experience without squeezing and swelling pain.